Friday, February 1st was a red letter day!

The Halftime's Institute Success to Significance Seminar was a

smash hit!

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Igniting a Life of Joy & Impact 


Over 100 San Diego Leadership Forum Partners, spouses, and friends gathered for what was truly an encouraging and powerful event. Halftime Institutes' national speaker Lloyd Reeb really delivered "the goods" - a roadmap to guide men and women of purpose to move from Success to Significance.

The Highlights of the morning:

  • Hearing from 4 peers who, having read and reflected on the Halftime book, or took part in one of Halftime institutes' great programs, have experienced deep satisfaction in their "second half".

  • Lloyd Reeb challenging us not to be "sloppy busy", but be mindful and intentional in "giving ourselves away."

  • Connecting with other men and women on the same journey, and sharing the hopes and dreams in making a difference in the world we live.

  • Having time to assess what makes us "tick", what are core, capacity and context are and what to do as we discover what the next steps in the journey need to be.

  • Less is more here, since you're trying to get people to visit your site.

  • Hear about San Diego Leadership Forum from Advisory board chair Ken Canete and have an opportunity to connect with SDLF Partners, and, in many cases, their wives and friends.

If you are interested in some of the opportunities with the Halftime institute, click the button below! And thanks to all who attended, participated and sponsored the Seminar. You helped a number of people more closer to finding and gaining a clearer focus on their calling; which we reminded by Lloyd, a calling is "not a goal to achieve, but a gift to receive."

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Listen here to Lloyd Reeb’s podcast on Success to significance